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    I was reading if temple run would come out for my android phone and stumbled upon a forum discussion where the dev of temple run is seeking a talented dev to port it for Android (possible all other platforms where a willing dev can port)

    Link to above post: • View topic - Port Temple Run from iOS to Android

    If anyone Is willing to port temple run from ios to webOS that would be fantastic!
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    I am afraid that freemium won't work as well on webOS due to the low number of users (compared to ios and android)
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    That's not the point. If some dev wants to port it, then he wants to port it. Doesn't matter how many (or less) users there are. Sometimes even for a small crowd the porting process can still be fun and you can learn from it also
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    I think that would really depend on whether the developer is making games and apps to earn a living, or if they're a hobbyist developer with a main income from something else. If they're making apps for a living, which Imangi, who make Temple Run, are, then there would need to be sufficient revenue from sales in order to make porting the game worthwhile, and ideally they'll want to make a profit.
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    Expecially on freemium games like that; you need an huge user base to have a profit from a 100% free game without ads where you can optionally pay 3,99 € just to have a different character or 0,79 € to have an one-shot bonus to impress friends with the high score (i guess the % of players that would do the in-app purchase it's limited)

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