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    I'm having a problem with Assassin's Creed not saving my game data. It forces me to restart the whole game after it has been shut down instead of allowing me to restart at my last checkpoint. Any suggestions? It seemed to be working okay before I installed a couple other games from the same company.
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    Would of posted earlier if I had a real good suggestion. Two possible solutions.
    1) Make sure you have the lastest version of webOS installed. Go System Updates and check for updates. You should be runing 3.0.4. I assuming this is not the problem but I figured I would suggest it anyways. Before the last update I had issues with Shrek Kart saving data.
    2) Uninstall and reinstall game. I currently am playing Assassin Creed and have not notieced any problems saving.
    3) But unlikly for any results, contact the developer support and report issue.

    Good Luck

    This is a great game where I have died many times I would hate not being able to save checkpoints!

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