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    fruit ninja would be good please....trying to sell the whole 'tp' experience to my kids but theyre dissappointed with game apps compared to their mates tablets..
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    FYI... It's the amazon android appstore free app today
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    Quote Originally Posted by Willard View Post
    FYI... It's the amazon android appstore free app today
    so we can get it free on our touchpads?
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    This is one of my favorite games out there!

    As much as I'd like to see it on webOS, does anyone know of a similar flash game (and where to find it) that might be similar that we could play?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Try FruitCatch in app catalog instead. You will like it if you like fruit ninja. :-)

    But it needs more levels or play modes. This version is too short now.

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    If FruitCatch were more popular, I imagine lawyers would be interested considering it involves the exact same gameplay mechanics based around the exact same subject (fruit).
    For other side, the FC developers cannot say that was an option to webOS, that FruitNinja never released before?

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