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    I got my Mom a touchpad for Christmas and I've been looking for the Oprah app but I can't find it when I search on the touchpad for it. The link on the Oprah website is a dead end. Also, I have my touchpad modded with Cyanogen and I checked the Google Market but I can't find it there either. Where did the Oprah app go, is it gone? Is there anything Oprah or Dr. Oz related that I can put on this thing? When she watches TV that's pretty much what she watches, Dr. Oz or OWN.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas
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    1) Oprah Magazine
    Get Zinio app and buy her a digital subscription to the magazine. Zinio is running promos now so you should be able to get her the magazine for free.

    2) Videocasts/webcasts
    On Oprah's website and Dr OZ's website there is a section called videos which has snippets of shows or after show broadcasts. These are not whole shows. On the other hand, she also has webcasts which are whole episodes specificially designed for the web.
    Get the videoflood app for grandma and she can find them in the app more easily than the combing through browser pages.

    3) Podcasts
    Looks like oprah has about 5-6, do some digging for the feeds but here might be one or 2 below:

    Get the deluxe podcatcher app $2 and grandma can listen:

    or try this for the book club podcast:

    Or this for Oprah and Friends

    This was Oprahs podcast on money (suzie orman)

    Here's a webpage to Tolle webcast done a few years ago, the links will stream directly from the TouchPad photo/music or music app (must have internet connection)'s Spirit Channel

    4) Get Zite app for free, a flipboard like app, scroll to end of suggested topics and you can put Oprah in the customized feed. It will give you stories about her around the web in a customized magazine or newspaper view So grandma can keep up with the news. Not all of the stories will be flattering, grandma has to be prepared to ignore the ones she doesnt like.

    5) Oprah's own app on the Pre. It still works but doesn't seem to be in the app store anymore. Even if it was, it would show up as phone size on the touchpad. You can write the own channel and tell them to make one for webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I will try them out as soon as I can. Merry Christmas!
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