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    Today I was sending a friend messages but receiving nothing in return; he called me on the phone asking why I wouldn't respond to him. I said I never saw the replies.

    Meanwhile, on my iPad and Mac everything is fine. Yahoo continuously disconnects throughout the day on the TouchPad while the other IM services stay connected all day -- but sometimes seem to miss messages people send to me. Who knows how many people just thought I was a **** who wouldn't reply to them, though.

    Any ideas?
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    might not like having the same accounts logged into at the same time on multiple devices?

    my google chat sometimes seems to only "see" whatever i signed in with first and the others seemingly dont see anything.

    IE: sign in first with my pre3 and my touchpad and pc dont seem to see a thing if they signed in afterwards, etc etc.
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    Yeah, I thought of that. I made sure I was logged out everywhere, though initially I was logged in somewhere else. I use IM+ on my iPad and I really wish the webOS version was optimized for the TouchPad so I could be consistent on both platforms.
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    I called HP on this and it just seems to be a yahoo problem after two weeks it was fixed then it went out again. You can send yahoo IM on the touchpad but it will not be received on the touchpad it will try to redirect like to a desktop or phone app

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