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    I really want to control the AR drone with my touchpad, could someone port it over? It is available for both apple and now android, should be fairly easy for someone who knows what they are doing.

    Also an app for the Isuper Heli and Swann Iheli.
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    what... are we talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    what... are we talking about?
    See attached, a top toy ... if I had the disposible income I'd be up for one.

    If the controller app is available for Android then it might be worth asking about compatibility on the forum in my sig?

    I would imagine the niche target market means that it would not make a webOS port worthwhile.
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    As long as the code for that app is open-source someone could look into it. But if the app is copy-written, you would need to ask the developer.
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    I have just ordered one of these "toys" the software runs on iphone and android.
    I loaded ARdrone2 via playstore on my touchpad using CM9 nightly build 22
    the SDK is open source and the ardone runs linux and is controlled via Wifi.
    The original ar drone is a lot cheaper now to buy as Ardrone version 2 is about to be released soon.

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