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    didn't know anything about this app but saw it just went live today (and is free) ... Have been messing around with it for the last hour and am really liking it ... Basically a personalized digital newspaper/magazine you can create with the topics/subjects that interest you

    EDIT: just saw this posted on their site


    Zite's Festivus Gift to TouchPad Owners

    Happy Festivus to all the TouchPad owners out there! Hot off the heels of our recent iPhone release, today we release Zite for the webOS platform. We’ve partnered with HP to help develop this app, which uses the same Zite learning technology you know and love and brings it to the approximately 750,000 TouchPad owners out there. We were excited about webOS when it first launched because it leverages open web technologies, and now that HP has open sourced the project we’re excited to see how it continues to develop.

    We always like to hear feedback from our users, so please do let us know what you think in the comments below, or by emailing
    AT 9:00 AM
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    it is quite nice
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    It's quite impressive so far.

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    Surprised it came to webos before android. woohoo. just wish it had handles and it would be sweet 2x.
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    it's nice but rather useless outside usa. i live in germany, and there are now news etc in my language and for my region.
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    Great app!
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    Very nice. Time spent using quality, tablet centric apps like this is time not spent using my Android install.
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    cant seem to find that app can some moderator post that app.than you
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    I don't see the app in the catalog.
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    cant see app also
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    the app is a great addition. i spend hours on reading. just add android, webos, and iphone and you're set for hours of reading.

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    A quality app. Very nice UI, options to share news, customizable and supposedly presents you with news you care about as long as you give your feedback.
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    how do you send to touchpad or can a ipk be made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by everlast View Post
    how do you send to touchpad or can a ipk be made.
    I would just click on one of the tabs at the top "recommended, paid, free" and then click back to "new" ... sometimes the page doesn't refresh properly upon first look

    it should be the first app showing up under "new" in categories ... make sure you have "TouchPad" or "All" checked and I guess make sure you are running the latest app catalog (not sure if that matters)
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    its pretty nifty, quite like it.
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    could not get the zite app
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    Very Nice! Thanks for the heads up.
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    Finding apps in the catalogue is easy if you know the name. Just type it in the search. Zite is a great app. Festivus is the day to express grievances. But we should thank the Zite people for their gift.
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    thank you sugardave!
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