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    I would love to see a way that you could go to a webiste and then something could propogate your id/passoword. I have purchased and tried FREE products and nothing seem to work

    I pay all of my bills online so I am hoping on replacing my PC with some tool for touchpad..THis would make the touchpad OUTSTANDING.....
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    I don't think trexlee001 understood at all what OP was asking (a simple username/password autofill app, not EVERYTHING), but the all-popular 1Password does what OP is asking wonderfully and through strong encryption, but it only supports OS/X, Windows, iOS, and Android. And it's an industry top pick on every platform it's found on. It does the autofill securely through extensions.

    See here:

    No webOS support, and I doubt they're interested in doing a port.
    You're right.. I didn't. My apologies to the OP for being Rude!

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