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    Hey guys,

    I dont know if this is possible. I am wanting to kind of learn a little bit of programming and webOS development, and I was wondering if I could kind of "reverse-engineer" an app to help me better understand it.

    If possible or even legal for that matter, I would like to essiantily start with an app I downloaded and try switching things around and messing around with things just to kind of play around with the app and see how things work.

    This would be just for personal use, and as I said, to try to learn a little bit more. If anyone knows how I might do this, could you please help. It seems like a fun project that I want to do. I have downloaded the webOS SDK and PDK and have the emulator running. Thanks for any help

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    Look for apps that are open-source. These are very useful for learning about the code and how things work. At the very least ask the developer first if you can examine the code for personal use.
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    Cool thank you. I am also checking out the links in your signature.
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    Here's a fairly simple Mojo app that is open source:

    I'm the current maintainer. The source code is available on my webpage which will save you a little trouble (follow the above link for a link to the webpage and also to the app catalog). Feel free to play with it.
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    This is how a lot of us learned to program back in the 80s. Type in programs from magazines, and then start messing with them.

    Whenever I learn a new language, I try to identify a program in that language that I can use, and then adapt it to better suit me.

    GVoice is an extremely modified version of the Enyo Example app on the palm dev site

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    I did this recently with phnx, the Twitter app. Source code for the phone version is available on github, I just messed about to get it working on the touchpad. If you know html, CSS & JavaScript, then you can develop webOS apps ;-) Good luck! The webOS world needs more devs lol :-P
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    I would love to do this with the Evernote app...
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