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    I just purchased and downloaded the game "No Gravity" and I'm enjoying it, but I've got two issues I need help with.

    First, is there a good guide on just what all the screen icons mean, what they do when you tap them? I can't seem to figure out many of I'm at a loss on what to do and how to do it.

    Second...I CAN'T PLAY...HELP! I don't mean I'm no good....well, I'm not really, but I mean I can't control the game anymore. I started out setting it up for accelerometer control, but I wanted to give D-Pad control a try. All I managed to do is set it up for 'Arcade' control with a joystick and several buttons. But I have no idea which button is mapped to what key on the physical keyboard. So I can't steer the ship, I don't really know how to control anything. I did find a button that causes you to roll and puts the laser on auto-fire. But that's about all. I can't access the screen as a touch screen now. How do I reset the controls to accelerometer, or set it to D-Pad? Again, a manual of sorts would have been helpful to warn me not to do this.

    So, any help?

    UPDATE: I was able to turn it back to accelerometer, but still would like to know how to use the D-Pad option. I had to reset the phone, then I could go into the game and get to options but it still took swipe closeouts of the game a couple times through trial and error. You can't just select accelerometer, you have to turn off the arcade setting. At least I'm back to playing again, but how to play, what controls do what...I'd like to find out!
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    Arcade mode is for the iCade or iControlPad.

    You can read my forum post here about the iControlPad

    A regular keyboard won't work ( I haven't tried it yet).

    In iCade mode they send out groups of two letters at a time. For instance left sends out "aq" for left and "dc" for right.
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    Thanks djgardn2, I'll check out that posting.

    I've been able to get the accelerometer working again. Last night though, somehow I had switched the inversion on the y-axis, and bow was it hard to manuver! I finally got it switched back, but I don't have an easy time with the main menu selections. I'm not sure how best to navigate through them. I end up accidentally turning off or on different settings, and then find out once I start playing.

    Anyway, I wish I could find a user manual or tip guide on using this game. I can't get past the second or third stage of the first mission...haven't been able to survive taking out shield generators level/stage. Also, is there a way to get other weapons and other ships? I read about this but haven't been able to find it in the menu options. Maybe I have to accomplish more before that gets 'unlocked'?
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    @ Rockbeast

    The best way to navigate the menu is this, to move forward in menu tap menu items, to go back in menu tap anywhere but a menu item.

    It confused me for a while, in the menu it shows a back looking arrow but will just toggle the item if you click the back looking arrow. So click say at the bottom of the screen and it will exit out ( or go back) to the beginning of menu selection without messing up the settings you just set.
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    I've been enjoying this game (although with an annoying volume rocker glitch keeping the volume bar up on the left side of the screen...that'd be port on my spaceship...covering up some of the controls, it's tough!). I'm stuck on Epidsode 2, Mission 5...where you are flying over the surface of the planet Amragan and you are supposed to destroy 2 force field generators and then the main radar. I have done this, but doggon it, each time I am exiting that crater I have run into the side wall and crashed! sometimes i've been blasted by one of those pesky ground missles (how are they finding me without radar since I just took it out?) and sometimes I've done a barrel roll to avoid said missiles and rolled right into the side of the crater. I seem to have to barrel roll all the time to avoid getting hit by those ground based missiles. Lately, I have been taking out those tall towers along with the ground based missile launchers. I am getting some shield powerups and that has helped me stay in the level longer and get to the main radar dish.

    It took me a few times to figure out you can't destroy the dish without first destroying both shield generators. The first shield generator is easy, as it is out in the open, but the second one is in a crater which limits your ability to get a bead on it.

    I hope to have a little patience...and if I have a shield powerup or two left after destroying the Radar dish, I'll try to carefully point my ship straight up to the sky and turn on a shield and hope for the best!
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