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    hey guys sorry If this has been asked already,but can I use splastop from anywhere or do I have to be on the same wi-fi network? I want to use it from work but not sure if I can also does anyone know if I have to leave my laptop on or can I also somehow turn it on remotely or just leave it on standby or hibernate? Any help would be much appreciated
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    You can use it anywhere. When you set up the desktop client, you can authorize it to link to your gmail account for remote access. I've a terrible habit of leaving my PC on all the time, so I can't tell you from experience, but I believe there are some settings you can change to force your PC awake.
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    Threres a Wake-On-Lan app in the HP app catalogue, using this you can turn your PC on either locally or via Internet (Internet with some extra router port configuring), i use this with Splashtop and a few other tools to access my PC/NAS Drives anywhere, turning then on and off as i please.

    I also use no-ip account tied into my router to give me a memorable ip name i can remember which is updated constantly within the router.

    The above obviously only applies if your computer/device actually supports and has Wake On Lan enabled.

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