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    Hello guys, im the new one

    im looking for the game, that was in the first preview videos of the TP. It was a flight game with old fighters. Do you know, if that game was ever released?
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    i've always wondered what it was as well.
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    Never released.
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    Try Tom Clancy HAWX for a flight game. Not what you were looking for, but a flight game nonetheless.
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    that game was Armageddon squadron 2. i had contacted polarbit and this was their reply

    Hi xxxx,

    The release of ASQ2 has regrettably been postponed until into next year.
    The final target device list is still being decided.


    also tom clancys hawx is not touchpad compatible
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    You would think if they were showing off the Touchpad pre-release with a certain app then that app would be available to download upon release of the device. Makes no sense whatsoever.
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    Unless it was a carefully crafted video, not usual to see that kind of thing going on
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    it was a demo level ..not a full version game
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    Yes, that game really should have been available at launch, no matter what it took. Further example of HP having it's head stuffed way up it's Apotheker.

    As to Hawx, that one was an odd one too. It was originally just T.C.'s Hawx, and then some time last year it upgraded itself to "Hawx HD", yet nothing appeared to change on the Pre+. The assumption was it was somehow ready for a future device with a higher res screen, and it remained Hawx HD in the TP App Catalog, yet it did not work right on the TouchPad and also as far as I know didn't work on the Pre3 (and what you could see of the game on the TP was clearly not 'HD', just upscaled 480x320). Finally after a couple of months of complaints, including from those who bought it solely for the TouchPad (since it had 'HD' in the title), either HP or EA finally pulled it from the App Catalog (at least from the TP and Pre3 anyhow).

    Hawx would have been a great game to upgrade for the TouchPad and Pre3 too for that matter, and wouldn't have taken all that much dev time. Surely they have the higher-res graphics available from other versions of the game; after that a few fixes and done. But alas....
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    well crap... I had made a nice post, hit "Post Quick Reply", and it simply disappeared. Fine. I said something critical of HP, made an Apotheker=rectum reference, then said something vaguely interesting about Hawx and lamented that it was never updated for the TouchPad. Done.

    (ok, strange... this post seemed to just disappear too, but on returning to the thread list I saw they both posted fine. Whatever.)

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