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    Hi all, I have a brainstorm of a idea,.....well not sure, maybe.

    Is it possible that a dev(s) here can magically develop a so called "Frontend"

    ie: audio player, video player, pictures, Radio/internet radio, phone, internet browser etc., and all tied together from a main screen/or maybe in card view?

    This would be cool. Almost like a main UI, but not really.

    I use a Carpc in my ride, with an assortment of different "Frontends" to choose from like,

    ie: RideRunner, FreeIce, DriveLine, Open Mobile etc. to name a few.

    Each frontend has all of the stuff mention above tied to a main screen.

    Again, this a possible future app?.......Or not?

    One can dream,

    Thanks all.
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    there is an app by sconix called home control, is that what you want? There is a thread here somewhere about it.
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    bluenote, not quite,.........I was thinking more like keep all in card view until needed.

    Maybe this can't be achieved as an app, but as a "Theme"???

    ie: Big buttons for music, video, pics, net radio etc.?

    Thanks for your help anyway bud.
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    Maybe you should try to describe more spefically what it is that you're wanting. My impression from what you're saying here, is a launcher app that has bigger icons.
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    ok,..I'll try to explain again, so be gentle.

    Here it goes, something on the lines of this maybe…

    FreeICE Video:

    And here is something neat...

    How to get Android working inside FreeICE

    Also, these devs are working on a app for the ipad, maybe someone here can make an app for WebOS?

    Front End App for iPad


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