Hey gang, since I'm not a programmer, I'm not sure of the details and ultimate implications of webOS going open source, but thought someone out there might know/remember the Audible situation...

Over the past few years with webOS, I remember reading some threads on wanting an Audible.com App. I recollect many of us calling or posting to Audible, requesting an App...since they used to support PalmOS back in the day, and were wondering when they'd release something for webOS.

Now I know many companies have given us webOS fans the "Well, we'd like to, BUT...it's really not a prominent OS in the marketplace, and resources, blah, blah.", or "We're working on it, but not at the top of our list".

Anyways, w/o pulling up a specific thread,I have in my head that one of Audible's big shticks with how they wanted their app to work with DRM and webOS was a limitation with Palm/HP 'not giving' audible the info they needed from webOS, not one of the above excuses. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Was the Audible situation purely:
A) a limitation with webOS, or
B) Audible didn't have access to code in webOS to get their DRM to work, and therefore wouldn't proceed, or
C) Used 'B' as an excuse to make it sound better than, "it's an OS that only 0.8% of you use, so we're not going to waste our resources on you.", or
D) I'm not remembering this correctly, and am getting old too quickly, and this was a dream I had.

But, IF it was 'B' above, does this mean they'll have access now, and I might start crossing my fingers again?

Thanks for any feedback.