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    I am trying to decide on Voogle3 or GVoice Pre. I ONLY use my GoogleVoice for texting with a small group.
    Until very recently I used Voogle2 but then it stopped logging into Google. In the meantime I have just been using Google's mobile web site. This is on my PrePlus.

    So can anyone tell me which app is better for texting?

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    I can't even pretend to tell you which is better per se, considering that I am the author of GVoice, and I haven't used Voogle. But I will give you some idea of how I use it.

    Before I got my Pre, I was using GVoice exclusively on my TouchPad, as my sole text messaging function. Now that I also have a Pre2, I have all my texts forwarded from Google Voice to the Pre2's regular messaging system, and I have notifications turned off in GVoice, as well as the refresh times set to a really low period (like 5 minutes in foreground, and 15 minutes in background).

    I still generally use the TouchPad to handle my texting, using GVoice, however if I don't have my TouchPad close by, I can respond directly from the phone using either the built in Messaging app or GVoice. I can always start a conversation or make a call using GVoice on either device.

    I actually got to try this out all the way around yesterday, someone had called my Google number, and left me a Voicemail while I was out at a supermarket, and I had my Pre and my TouchPad with me - I opened FreeTether on the Pre, tethered my TouchPad to it, loaded GVoice on the TouchPad, listened to the Voicemail, and then used GVoice to tell it to originate a call back using my Pre. Google called my Pre, and connected me back to the other person straight away.

    But, I mostly use it for texting. Since I have a TouchPad, I mostly use that for texting, as I truly despise the Pre keyboard.
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    You can do all of that w/ voogle 3.0 .. jus sayin
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    I'm curious about this too.

    Both Voogle 3 and Gvoice have been updated recently.

    What's the difference between the two?

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