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    so when I save a document locally (to my touchpad account) it says there are no subfolders. I would LIKE there to be. Anyone know how I would creat one?
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    LOad up Preware, load up Internalz and use that. Or buy Gemini file manager. Or, connect via USB to your PC and create a subdirectory from the PC.

    So, lots of ways.
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    connected via USB and created a folder at the root directory level (where I saw the otehr MS Doc files from quickoffice stored) but it does not show up when I return to quick office. Does it ahve to be in a certain location?

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    No idea. I see everything below /internals/media (which is the root as far as USB is concerned) and I've certainly created some of my new directories using USB.

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    I have create a lot of folders in USB mode but don't know where to specifically create subdirectories.

    Can some webOS genius please help us here?
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    in USB mode your /media/internal becomes root of the drive (ie in Windows for example F:\).
    Any folder you create in root of the USB drive will be created under /media/internal on TP.
    However - Quickoffice (and Adobe Reader when unpatched) does not show folder structure...they relies on file manager service from webOS and use flat directory structure when listing local files. Moreover - filenotifyd (deamon responsible for updating file database in webOS) sometimes 'does not work properly' ... ie after you copy files to TP in USB and disconnect/eject device from PC - when you try to open them in Quickoffice they are just not there ... in that case you need to force refreshing db

    Alternatively you can use Commander (or any other file manager available in App Catalog) - for browsing local folders and opening documents from there

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