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    Screen Shot 2011-11-30 at 7.35.51 PM.png

    I've got a bunch of promo codes for the US App Catalog version of IAmA reddit, a webOS reddit client. The app is for phones and the Touchpad.

    You can see some more screenshots of the app here.

    If you'd like a code, leave a message below!

    Also, I'd appreciate an app review after you're familiar with the app!

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    IAmA reddit - same reddit, webOS' looks
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    I'm interested...
  3. nomadph's Avatar
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    Pleas send me a code. Thank you
  4. estockda's Avatar
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    I'm interested!
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    I've got a 1.4.5 pixi, would love a code if at all possible...
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    I would like a code, if there are some available.
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    I'd certainly _love_ to have a code for your excellent reddit utility. Thanks for offering them!
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    I'd also be interested.
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    I'm not familiar with reddit, this looks like a good chance to fimd out. Thanks.
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    I would like a code. Thanks.
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    Anyone else have a problem with the promo code not working?
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    Very interested. I would love a promo code. Thanks.
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    would try also
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    I'm interested!
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    hi, I'm interested to test it. Thanks
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    yes please! love it on the phone and would love to try this out.
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    Me too!
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    I would like to try this out on the Touchpad. Love reddit.
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    I would like one too!

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