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    I would like one thanks
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    I would love to have one to try it out.
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    Can't get enough reddit. Please pass along a code.
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    I'm interested...
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    I would love one for the UK if possible!

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    if there are still available codes, would be interested to try it too. thx
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    It would be awesome if I could get a code I'd be willing to write a review
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    If still available, one for me as well. Thanks.
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    If you have left a code for Germany it would be great.
    Thanks in advance...
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    Can I please have a promo code...

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    Would love a code please.
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    I would like one too plz!
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    count me in
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    Would love a code for USA...thanks!
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    I would love to have a promo code
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    I'd appreciate a code plox. The old redits won't update since it went to pay. Thanks if you have one.

    its been a few days. Methinks the codes are gone
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