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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    Anyone else have a problem with the promo code not working?
    Woot It just worked. Thanks a bunch!

    edit: just left a 5 star review
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    Give me one please ...
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    I would also like a code. Thank you.
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    I am interested, Please.
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    I am also interested. Thanks.
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    I will test a code please.
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    I am interested. Thanks in advance.
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    I'll take one if they are still available! Thanks.
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    I'd be happy to give it a whirl. Thanks.
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    If you still have any left, I'll take one.
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    Interested in a code, too (never tried reddit in general)
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    I'd be interested in trying out your app if you are still doing the promo codes. Thanks either way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tehtorq View Post

    Attachment 62804

    I've got a bunch of promo codes for the US App Catalog version of IAmA reddit, a webOS reddit client. The app is for phones and the Touchpad.

    You can see some more screenshots of the app here.

    If you'd like a code, leave a message below!

    Also, I'd appreciate an app review after you're familiar with the app!


    Edit: I've sent you each a promo code. Lots left - so don't hesitate to ask :-)

    @nomadph: You need to enable private messages or provide some ulterior means for me to give you a code. Plus your avatar is quite creepy.
    I'd like to try on my touchpad
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    how did i miss this i would definitely try this out for my touchpad thanks in advance
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    Send Me A Code Please.
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    Me 2!
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    I'll take on if you still have any to give.

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    I will take one!
    Conne>< Coding

    *In Rod we trust.*

    Yes, my user name says kid. Also, yes I'm 21. It's a long story.

    Devices: Touchpad, 32 GB
    Retired my pre for an Epic 4G Touch, Miss it dearly howerver.

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    I'll take one if they are still available. thanks...
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    Would also highly appreciate a code, would leave review after trying it out =)
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