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    textone is not available from appcatalog now.

    but I still find a version 0.9.19 ipk package.
    I was successfully logged and registered the nickname 3 days ago.
    then i though none of my friends r using this, then I deleted it.

    But when i want to try it again yesterday.
    I can not login neither register a new nick name.
    There is just a circle keep running.
    I tried wifi, edge both with no luck.
    Anyone have any clue about this?
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    Bad news:
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    My guess is that they changed how their system worked, and decided not to update.. and then blamed it on webOS updates..
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    I use TextOne (push messaging on webOS) a lot. But it is not available anymore in the App Catalog. Thus if you install a new device/profile or have to docotor your pre, you will lose TextOne Even if you back it up and reinstall manually after doctoring! If you want the app back, please show the developers, that the webOS community is still alive (even if on life support )

    Make yourself heared!

    TextOne – a messenger that left webOS! webosq!/processone

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