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    None of the mp3's I've synced up using wifi media sync will play on my TP. Am I missing something easy? I tried the stock media player as well as remix with no luck. These are just normal mp3's I've purchased and should have no issues playing on any device.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Watch out.. this is an issue w/ wifi media sync.. I turned it off, deleted the files and used the good old usb to copy over my music files and they all play perfect, include all art and have the correct names. Guess the wifi media sync guys have some work to do.. the app is worthless as it is from what I can tell. If someone has some ideas or know what went wrong please speak up.. maybe it doesn't have to be a complete waste of money. Thanks!
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    Where did you purchase the mp3s?

    I've found that I couldn't transfer mp3s purchased via the Amazon music app on my Pre to any webOS 2 or 3 device that I had and have them picked up by the media indexer properly. In fact, they would cause the indexer to stop completely and not pick up many other files on the devices. There's something in the ID3 tags that's messing up the indexer. IF I cleared out all the tags and inserted the information again, they would be recognized.

    FWIW, I haven't had a problem with wifi media sync on my Pre3.
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    Some files were from amazon and some were from emusic. None played from emusic when transferred via wifi media sync, all payed via usb xfer. Some of the amazon ones played from my first sync, but when it updated my new purchases it wouldn't play any of the newly imported ones.. it's funny but the first round of music sync'ed seem to play but nothing in subsequent syncs. Eithe way at this point it's useless.
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    I haven't really transferred music much wirelessly, as I tend to dump my TouchPad and upload 10-20 GB at a time. Not something I want to wait for through WiFi. Haven't had a problem with photos or videos though.

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