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    Just a quick announcement that we have just released Starstation: Quixotic, a retro-arcade shooter for the HP Touchpad. It is available now in the HP App Catalog. Hope you like it!

    20 Reviews, Average Rating: 4.7/5 Stars!
    New low price: $1.99!

    UPDATE: We are now finishing up our 2nd update for Startstation: Quixotic. Please check out the info and screenshots on page 3 of this thread.

    Thanks much,
    Steve Williams
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    Just a quick announcement that we have just released Quixotic, a retro-arcade shooter for the HP Touchpad. It is available now in the HP App Catalog. Hope you like it!

    YouTube video:

    Latest News: New price! $1.99.

    Thanks much,
    Steve Williams
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    is it only portrait mode?

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    it'd be smart to provide a link to the app, so the interested can just tap to check it out.

    also, $5 seems high for that sort of game (that's big commercial title territory, not arcade shooter) and with no free demo/lite version it may be a tough sell.

    note: price since dropped to $1.99
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    Good idea, I modified the top post with a link. As for the pricing, there are a number of factors that contribute to that decision. Touchpad development is something I personally wanted to do so we delayed the release of the iPad and Android versions to work on the Touchpad version but at the end of the day we have to cover the development costs in order to justify that decision and also to determine if we do any future Touchpad development. That being said, a great game is a great game irrespective of who produces it. After having played Quixotic over a thousand times during the development cycle, I still think it's great and I still play it even when I'm not working on it. We do sincerely certainly appreciate your input though, thanks!

    Steve Williams
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    Hello Alan,

    Yes, Quixotic is a portrait-only game. We wanted to capture that arcade-cabinet feel with control panel at the bottom and marquee on the top.

    Steve Williams
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    I do understand that choosing a price for an app can be difficult. Too much and no one buys, too little and even significant sales don't result in sufficient revenue. I honestly think though at $4.99 you've hit a magic price point that will strongly discourage sales of a new game from a new dev.

    We do of course want and need more apps and devs for the TouchPad, so I'd hate for you to be discouraged right off by poor sales.

    If you would lower your introductory price to $1.99, I will buy it and leave you a good review and also encourage other precentral members to do the same. Once you get some positive reviews and buzz, you can bump the price a bit.

    What say you, other precentral members? Willing to show this dev some love for $1.99?
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    looks good
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    Thank you very much!
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    I was at the UC vs UConn football game on Sat. Paid $6.50 for a single beer. Enjoyed it for about 15 minutes. 5 bucks for a game that can be enjoyed for weeks / months; seems like a no brainer to me.

    -- Sent from my HP TouchPad using Communities
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    I agree with the developer here on price selection. Nobody really knows what goes into a particular pricing model & what it took to make this game a reality. $4.99 may eclipse other titles, but that doesn't make it wrong. In the end, not to oversimplify or degrade anyone, it's just math. The developer will eventually know whether or not it was the right price & if it needs to change.

    However, at this price point, I second that a lite version to 'hook' the buyer would definitely be wise. Unless I really know what I'm getting into, I rarely jump on a $4.99 app without either trying it out, or reading a sufficient # of reviews to indicate it's worth the coin...minimal as it may be.

    Anyway, let's try to base apps on their merit first before we haggle on price. I'm sure if someone pays $4.99 and feels they overpaid, they'll leave a review indicating such. The system works.

    Thanks for submitting your app to webOS first! I haven't purchased the game yet, but I'll be keeping my eye on it for sure. webOS users, we pay a little bit more from time to time, but consider it a luxury tax for having an OS that is so kick ****!
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    I just saw that Quixotic is now $1.99. I purchased it as promised, will play it a bit and leave a review.
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    Actually a very fun game, and quite challenging... I've played about 10 games, the best I've done is level 6. There's certainly more to it than the screenshots would indicate. Shooting with both thumbs takes a little getting used to, but certainly adds to the challenge. Impressive graphics.

    Constructive criticisms:

    1. something funny going on with the rotation - often starts up upside down. I understand this could be more touchpad's fault than yours. I get the idea that PDK games are expected to be landscape, so maybe you've had to work around some stuff to run portrait.

    2. firing buttons are a little small... many times I found myself not firing at all because my thumb had drifted just off the button. extend the area of sensitivity farther out, to the edge of the screen and up towards the play field. It shouldn't be possible to have my thumbs anywhere in the firing area and not be firing somewhere. don't have to change the button graphics if you don't want, they look nice, just make the actual touchable areas bigger and contiguous. See Gun Brothers for nice thumb controls.

    3. don't know if you considered this or not, but while I was playing I really thought it would help my hand-eye coordination if the color of the firing from my right thumb was different than the left thumb... perhaps the fine marking-laser line or whatever it is under the actual shots could be a different color? green or blue?

    fun game though. well done.

    come on everyone, toss Crush Crumble your 2 bucks, get some decent reviews up so others can find this game. even if this exact game isn't your thing, do it so you get to see the next one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrushCrumble View Post

    Just a quick announcement that we have just released Quixotic, a retro-arcade shooter for the HP Touchpad. It is available now in the HP App Catalog. Hope you like it!

    Thanks much,
    Steve Williams
    Just purchased and looking forward to having a play. Keep the TP/webOS development going :-)
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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the support guys! I've certainly learned a lot from what all of you have had to say. Hopefully the new price of $1.99 will make it easier for people to give it a try. I agree that the screenshots do not do the game justice but it's hard to translate the action of this game into a static image. Now that I have the iPad version submitted, I'll see if I can make some time to do a video, that should help too I think.

    Enlarging the button zones are on my "to-do" list and I really like the idea of different colored lasers too...very good suggestion!

    The orientation being flipped during the loading screens is something I have only run into on the Touchpad. If it is tilted at all when you start the game, the Touchpad wants to do a 180 screen flip. After the media loads (after the loading screens) and the main menu appears, my rotation code should put it back where it belongs and will keep it there. I have seen other devs with similar issues so I've chalked that one up to being a peculiar personality trait of the Touchpad but I'll revisit it down the road and see if there is anything more I can do with it.

    Thanks for the nice compliments about the graphics, I wasn't an artist when I started so creating the graphics was about as challenging for me as the code and design was. Hopefully I've learned enough so next time it won't take me 7 months of nights and weekends to finish a game.

    I've managed to make it up to level 26 and a score of about 150k, afterwards I needed a nap.

    Thanks very much everybody.
    Steve Williams
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    while we have your attention, highly valued new webos dev , you know what sort of game genre is REALLY thin in the touchpad app catalog? Tower Defense games. I command you, go forth and make us a good one!
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    finally made it to level 10 once... That gunships attack level (9?) is a tough one!

    I'm a little disappointed to see no app catalog reviews or ratings yet for this game other than my own. Where are the people who said I was wrong about the price, and all the people who've posted likes and thanks in this thread?

    come on people... You'd do it for Randolph Scott Rod Whitby!
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    Yes, those gunships can be a challenge.

    Well, the bad news is that we've only sold 14 copies in the last 10 days so that's not a very encouraging number. I'm remaining optimistic but yikes!

    Steve Williams
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    Steve Williams
    Check out our arcade defense shooter:
    Battlestation: Quixotic for HP Touchpad
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    I think perhaps most people around here are just paying too much attention to the webOS drama again... maybe when events settle down again and people get back to just using their touchpads, sales will go up. One can hope I guess.

    Also, if you get a couple of those updates done and re-submit it, it'll get to the top of the New list for a bit and maybe get some attention. At least with my review it shows the 5 stars.

    By the way, for anyone else reading I'm not pushing this game just because I promised to if the dev lowered the price. It really is a fun game, well worth the purchase. If I didn't like it, I'd probably just have remained silent.
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    I thought this was some sort of literary game when I saw it new in the catalog, and yawned past.

    Are there TouchPad screenshots? the ones linked here look like they came off a Pre. And Video? A lot of us won't even spend $2 on something that we can't even really see. That's just the way people are.

    Also probably need to get a lot of word of mouth out there. Especially if this is your first game and/or app, no one has heard of you, you have no word of mouth. First time we'd heard of this is when you announced it was out -- if you really want to sell some stuff up front, you need to get a following before you get it out there.

    Also, it won't hurt if you do some regularish updates, and keep it towards the top of the "New" list
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