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    the new update definitely improves playability. I got to level 12 both times I played
    after the update, whereas I had previously only made it to level 10 once. The expanded touch-area of the fire buttons is undoubtedly responsible. I thought I noticed some graphical refinements too, but nothing I could specifically identify without having 1.0 and 1.1 side by side.

    1.1 is definitely a better game, and it's nice to see a few more reviews coming in too.
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    bug report - pause the game, then press the home button to 'card' the game... Now tap the card and try to unpause... It won't respond, nothing to do but throw the card away and lose the game.

    I discovered this the hard way when I paused while on level 14, for the first time, with >50% hull left no less! Argh!

    workaround: don't pause in-game first, just press the home button to card the game directly... Then when you return to the game it will resume instantly.
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    Hi All,

    Very glad people are enjoying the game! Nice to see the positive reviews and suggestions coming in! I'm working on version 1.2 right now so if there's anything you'd like to see in the game then please let me know.

    I know the game can be tough... at first, this was true of arcade games back in the 80s when you first started playing. They usually owned you in the beginning but as you developed the technique, you were able to master the machine. My daughter told me that the game was "awesome but evil". LOL.

    Sorry about the pause bug, I'll check into that straight away. Level 14 d'oh.

    Steve Williams
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    Steve Williams
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    all i need now is a port or similar type of game of 1 of the opensource paradroid games and my old classic collections of to a good start.
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    how about making the ship explosions vary in color... the enemy ships are all from different alien fleets, right? so theoretically they don't all use the same fuel or atmosphere for the pilot, nor the same elements in the weapons in the magazines, therefore the explosions ought to be different colors... plus it would look cool!
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    Neat idea! Keep them coming!
    Steve Williams
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    Developers like you and many others have made it certain, we will buy an iCade and possibly a controller.... loving the webOS devs more every day!
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    had an ooooold game called ZZap on the c16 where the baddies were black meaning shootable but some occasionally changed to red and your shots just slammed back at you till they turned black again.

    Mehbeh some nasty ship could do similar (tho it would have to be the only thing in that direction).

    Maybe a pickup or something could give you a shield that only protects 1 of the 8 directions, but it could be moved via circling your finger round the center of the screen on your stn/ship, and after taking a set amount of hits or a timer it vanishes.

    hmm, must play more for inspiration.
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    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everybody, thank you for your support and encouragement! We are working on version 1.2 of SS: Quixotic, should have a release soon. In the meantime, you can see the work-in-progress below.

    Changed: 3D moving objects in background now
    Changed: Updated static background scenery
    Changed: Ships have their own distinct explosion color
    Changed: Explosions are larger

    Exploring: Input options

    More coming...

    Steve Williams
    CrushCrumble Games
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    Steve Williams
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    looking forward to it immensely...

    did you look at making the left and right hand fire different colors?

    just for giggles I tried installing Quixotic on my Pre3... It runs, but isn't playable, as the controls are off the bottom of the screen. I doubt the game could translate to a 3.5" 800x480 screen anyway. Like I said, giggles.
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    Also looking forward to it I haven't had much time to play, so am still stuck in the first couple levels it's almost -too- frustrating to be fun. almost.

    hoping to get an iCade tomorrow, if not, i'll go buy one on Monday.
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    i forgot to ask, does firing both shots in the same direction produce just 1 shot/beam or is there a doubled up effect? if there is maybe a color or thickness change to make it more visually obvious theres 2 overlapping beams/shots?
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    The program is set to read up to 6 inputs and will process one shot per direction per pass then there is a delay for that direction. I really like the multicolor idea but I need to look at that whole routine, I'd like the laserbeam to look cooler. So I am still toying with that. One thing about having different colors for the beams is that I would almost need to change the control panels to match to make it effective. All things are swimming around my little brain at the moment.

    Remember to keep your fingers on the screen if you are firing don't tap the buttons just press down and move across the surface from one button to another. The buttons are rapid-fire so holding your finger there will do the trick. Only lift your finger off the screen if you really don't want to fire in any direction.

    Steve Williams
    CrushCrumble Games
    Steve Williams
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    Just a quick WIP update... as requested, the laser beams are now drawn a different color based on which control panel (Left or Right) was used to fire the shot. Thanks for the great idea JX42.
    Steve Williams
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    Cool. Any eta on 1.2 being ready?

    edit: by the way, I just got to level 19 for the first time... I got a supercannon power-up in level 10 and saved it until the level 14 boss, then relaxed for 20 seconds while the supercannon took care of everything. Level 19 was just too much though... I think I had my hull strength back up above 80% courtesy of numerous warp cores, but several times in level 19 six or seven ships came at me at once and I folded under the pressure.
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    Hi All,

    Just thought I'd post a WIP screenshot of the latest build of Starstation: Quixotic. It's a pretty substantial graphics update:

    Changed: Lasers look more like lasers now
    Changed: Laser beams are different colors depending on which control pad fired them
    Changed: Much improved background artwork
    Changed: Score display is now backlit LCD styled rather than LED
    Changed: Each craft type now has it's own specific particle explosion color
    Changed: Particle explosions are larger now
    Added: 3D rotating moon in background
    Added: Animated 60s-style computer readout bling added to open area in control panel
    Added: Winged Craft now stream contrails behind them
    Fixed: Opacity issue with warp cores fixed
    Fixed: Card-when-paused would not un-pause bug fixed

    This pretty much finalizes the feature set for version 1.2. iCade support and a few other goodies are still planned for a future update but how fast the next update (1.3) comes out will really depend on sales over the next couple of weeks so please help us spread the word. As for the update schedule for 1.2, all I can say is *soon*

    JohnsonX- You totally cracked me up with that "I folded under the pressure" stuff. Haha. The good news is that it sounds like you are getting really good at this game, the bad news is that you're now just getting to the hard part. As if things aren't difficult enough, now you have to start worrying about your cannon overheating.

    Thanks much for you support, everybody!
    Steve Williams
    CrushCrumble Games

    Oh, hey.. we are on Twitter now...!/CrushCrumble
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    lookin good and nice and retro.

    make something nice and retro similar to 1 of my old faves and ill consider you a god (.....more of a god)

    Amiga Longplay [033] Battle Squadron - YouTube
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    Looking good, can't wait!

    Shall I gripe that contrails are an atmospheric effect, or just accept that it's only a game and probably looks cool?

    On my next play last night after the level 19 I mentioned, I reached level 21. Level 19 seemed so much easier the second time around... and I had a supercannon power-up again I was saving for the boss on 21, but panicked part way through 20 and used it too soon; I only had 6 seconds of it left when the boss finally warped in on 21. I didn't have much hull left, so he got me pretty quick after that. Fun fun fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonx42 View Post
    Shall I gripe that contrails are an atmospheric effect, or just accept that it's only a game and probably looks cool?
    Piddles the purple cat told me to do it.
    Steve Williams
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    just bought this game...big fun, thanks for developing it. keep up the good work, well worth the $$$.
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