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    What drives innovation? Money. I have been considering this for a while. The main problem with the touch pad is the lack of applications made for the touchpad. I am proposing that we come together as a community, pool small donations into large sum payable to a developer that meets the requirements. This would give dedicated developers the financial reimbursement that they need/want.

    Please provide your suggestions and comments.
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    Ideas would be discussed in the open and voted on. And/or money pools could be set up for different projects and the prize could be triggered once the pool reaches the target amount.

    My first concern would be how the donations would be contained and managed.

    I want to also propose the first prize. I would like to see a children's jigsaw puzzle game that has the ability to make puzzles from user supplied pictures

    Minimum of 20 quality puzzles at launch.
    Ability to choose amount of puzzle pieces. Within reason.
    Pieces move by dragging and drop into correct position within a close proximity of correct position.
    Must provide a demo with one puzzle.
    Must provide the prize organizer with 50 promo codes with majority for US.
    Must have ability use without internet connection.
    Be priced at less than $3.00 in the app store.

    Any other ideas? I know there
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    Great comments.

    A program would be discussed. Requirements to be hammered out. Then the fund would be set up and people could donate $1. 500 x $1 = $500. The 50 codes would be given to the donors randomly. So the question is would someone risk $1 for a chance to get $3 application and to stoke more applications?

    Also the $3 is only relevant to this application. A utility application could be more.

    Benefits for the developers is publicity, positive reviews via the vetting process and the prize.

    Keep the comments coming. Remember this is only an idea. I would like to see what other people think about it.
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    Do you have any ideas to stoke the fire?

    Edit. As a consumer. No policy decisions.
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    I don't understand how that works. It sounds like a ton of organization and financial record keeping would be required just to get a $3 app onto the market.
    And now we have an understanding of why $1 apps should absolutely not be the defacto standard, not in -any- of the catalogs.
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    Waste of time. Plus there's no real business model here.. And what's the incentive? Spend months waiting and hoping that my initial $1 or $10 or even $100 investment will one day create a $3 - $5 app that I can get that's worth having and or that others will get?

    What if apps are created that I have no interest in?

    I don't really understand the thought process behind trying to "save" this tablet. HP killed it off. They should have made sure there were apps available before it was launched. They released a machine with no content hoping that the release of the machine would creat content. It didn't. So it failed.

    Honestly, for the money if you really want more apps and want to dedicate this much time and money why not just buy an IPAD or a decent Android tablet? Or even wait for a windows 8 tablet?

    Really you're just having pie in the sky dreams about the Touchpad and WebOs that just aren't going to come true.

    I bought the Touchpad because of it's price. It does what I want it to do. It reads comics, books, plays movies, surfs the web, emails and has a few kid games. Boom $150 well spent. But if I was really interested in getting a tablet a large base of solid functioning apps or just for the uses you want... I'd get an Ipad.

    At the end of the day you have to decide if you're just spinning your wheels, and brother.. a dude on a message board crying for hundreds or thousands of people to donate a few bucks for nothing more than hope that a few developers will make some apps you're interested in... is well.. spinning your wheels to the max.
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