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    I find 11 apps that refuse to update on my touchpad.
    I have a Pre3 ...maybe they carried over from being on the same account?
    But, it's funny ...anyone like to explain this to me?

    the list:

    muffle system logging
    make it so
    unhide dev mode icon
    remove dropped packet logging
    bigger active screen when minimized
    show filenames
    just charge button label
    reduce minimum brightness
    advanced reset options
    unthrottle downlown manager
    mimic outlook formatting on email reply/forward
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    no, those are all preware patches, so they wouldn't and couldn't carry over from your Pre3. It's probably just the muffle system logging patch clogging up the works; plenty of people have had a problem with that one.

    In Preware, find and run the Emergency Patch Recovery (EPR). then after that finishes and your touchpad restarts, re-install each patch.
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    do I need to leave the muffle... off my device ?
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    no, according to the threads I've read about it, once you do the EPR the muffle patch should install fine. I actually have the muffle patch stuck like that on my touchpad too, but I haven't cared enough to fix it since it's not affecting anything else. In most cases it seems the muffle patch gets messed up by doing an ota webos update with it installed; some bug in it apparently made it not ota-safe (that's just my observation, I don't know if any such diagnosis has come from webOS internals). It's been updated a couple of times since 3.0.4, so hopefully that bug is gone for the future.

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