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    so i read somewhere in twitter that the webos app catalog has a blackfriday deals for apps... List them here! :-)
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    My flickr Pictures taken by the Pre (pre plus and pre3)
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    No, that's just the announcement.

    There isn't anything so far in the App Catalog that identifies what is and isn't on sale. Go to Audubon Trees - no notice about a price drop. Now, you can assume there's been one since it shows as updated on the 24th and the price is the cheapest of all the Audubon apps, but there's nothing identifying it as a Black Friday sale item.
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    Good catch. I'm gonna check this when I get home. And yes I am out in this madness
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    I believe the sale starts at midnight pacific time.

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    UK catalog seams that isn't updated for about 3 days. But today I've received a WordPress app update but the app isn't showing in catalog anymore...
    Is App catalog buged?
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    Oooooh. Splashtop is on sale for $4.99. Gonna grab me a copy of that bad boy.
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    There was a WordPress app update yesterday.

    Last time I checked, I didn't see any sale prices in yet. Maybe I just didn't notice. Or maybe they announced it, but it doesn't actually change until about 8am Pacific Time, which is about when their earlier announcement said it would happen.. I think.
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    Maybe it's like the October Pivot and we'll see the Black Friday deals the day after Christmas. It's almost 12:40 PST and I don't see any apps that are lower in price.
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    Well, Splashtop says specifically in the catalog that it is on sale right now for Black Friday, anyway. Maybe its just taking a while for them all to update.
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    The black Friday sale will be available in the coming months...
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    Found a few, listed 'em here for easy finding:

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