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    Does anyone know a concise list of major differences between the Kalemsoft media player app and the free Touchplayer app in Preware? Also, how do both differ from the stock video player? I wish there was something like a 3-column feature comparison someplace.
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    Spend the $5 on the Kalmesoft player it is well worth it.. especially after the latest updates. And I hate buying apps! I've had two iphones over the last 3 years and I've purchased two apps... so i don't normally buy them but the Kalmesoft is worth it..

    The touchplayer crashed a lot on me and wouldn't play some media file types. Kalmesoft has handled everything I've thrown at it including .mkv files
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    I would also recommend spending the 6$ for kalemsoft (buy from their website instead of the app store - you save a $ and it updates faster). The main difference for me is that kalemsoft has a very nice interface with onscreen controls and plays everything without a hitch. Touchplayer plays most things but has an extremely annoyning interface that makes it a chore to do anything beyond pause the video. And the stock player is a total waste of time.

    EDIT - Also, it should be noted you can try kalemsoft free for a week. So you can compare between it and touchplayer. Install below via preware or quick install
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    Thanks for the input so far! I'm planning on getting the Kalemsoft player no matter what, just to maximize my codec playback flexibility if nothing else. 3 quick follow-up questions then...

    1.) How does purchasing off the website differ from the app catalog? i.e- Is there a manual process for getting the app onto the touchpad, do updates have to be installed manually as well, would an install from a manual purchase sync withe the webos profile and survive a full erase of the touchpad (automatically redownload) like apps from the catalog normally do, etc.? [Perhaps it's better not to depend on the catalog/profile servers anyway since they could go down someday anyway?...mentioned in the main Kalemsoft thread, but I digress...]

    2.) Is there anything that the Kalemsoft player doesn't do better than Touchplayer (or stock)? ie- different formats being hardware accelerated vs others?

    3.) Speaking of hardware acceleration, if I'm encoding a video, what is the best format to use to make sure I'm taking advantage of hardware acceleration available (with one or any of the players)?
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    1) If you purchuse via the website, you pay via paypal and then download it from the link above, install via preware/quick install, then activate it from within the app with your paypal email. It doesn't sync with your webos profile at all, but you should just be able to redl and reactivate if need be.

    2) I mainly only play MKV files (with a few xvids), so I couldn't tell you 100% on that.

    3) As I understand it, the native player use hardware acceleration for mp4s. But the native player is also very picky, and frankly not worth the effort. For kalemsoft all the 720p mkv's (mostly h/x264 video in the container) work just fine.
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    So there is support for gestures or some better interface than the stock player? I've been playing videos a lot lately; I encode them from DVDs so I don't care about format, but the player interface isn't good for much besides pausing.

    It would be nice if their website explained the features a little better. I downloaded the demo several versions ago, but didn't really use it (not realizing it would expire). The YouTube demo video is just an old version on a phone.
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    since I have more then 1 touchpad registered to my web os account, then I need to buy from the app store so that i have to pay only once right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leif View Post
    since I have more then 1 touchpad registered to my web os account, then I need to buy from the app store so that i have to pay only once right.
    Interesting question..Doesn't matter for me but I'd just be curious of the answer vs buying from the website. I would guess yes, but does anyone know for sure?

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