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    Ffffound! for webOS phones is now available.

    Check it out here

    I have an update on the way.

    how to use:

    - gesture area is used to go forward and backward in lists.

    - If you are at the bottom of a list, slide forward on the gesture area and it will give you new images, slide backwards on the gesture area to go back.

    - To view user images, tap the arrow button next to the users name.

    - in full screen mode, tap and hold image to bring up toolbar.





    This app works for all webOS phones. Enjoy!
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    version 1.2 screens:

    version 1.2 allows you to save users so you can visit them whenever you want.

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    v1.20 is now available!

    Check it out here: Ffffound!
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    I'm trying to figure out what this app does. Is it for displaying photos stored on your device? Or is it an internet search for images? Thanks.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    It presents you with images gathered by FFFFOUND!. It is an image site that has all sorts of different images.

    It provides users with a visually stimulating experience. Images lead to more images which lead to more images which...
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    I'm surprised how this app only has 14 downloads. If you enjoy tumblr or image blogs then you have to try this out.

    Give me some love bros!
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