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    i have never been able to use either voogle the origional or the new re-released "3.0" to play messages. it has always said there is a problem on google's end
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    So, I've deleted and re-installed Voogle. Tried over WiFi and over 3G.

    Still getting a login error.

    What else should I check?
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    Need a way to disable notifications. I have my sms forwarded to my phone because I prefer webos' native messaging, so I just need it to send out the initial text until I get the google routing number. now I'm getting 2 notifications for each text.
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    I'm in the same boat as dbodner. I prefer the built in Messaging app so the text notifications are over kill.

    That issue aside, thanks for continuing to push out updates. I love using Voogle for listening to my voicemails, and deleting messages that I'm done with.
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