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    Hello Touchpad fans.

    It looks like this sub-forum is the best place for beta testers calls. I hope I'm not breaking any rules :-)

    I recently developed a first version of Bid sniper for eBay.
    I'm running a promotion for it right now so you can get your own copy and, hopefully, post some feedback.

    The sniper uses a remote sniping service, that means you don't need to keep your Touchpad on just to snipe something over weekend.
    All transactions are done over secure Internet connection with the highest security level so your data is safe.

    A few common asked questions:
    Q: What is Bid Sniping?
    A: Bid Sniping is a process of placing your best bid on last seconds of the auction. This way you don't give a chance to other bidders to react on your bid and outbid you.
    Also, you keep your interest in secret (this is helpful for collectioners who don't want to show their findings).

    Q: Why should I trust a remote service?
    A: That's a very good and legit question. Let me introduce you to the Myibidder service for eBay sniping.
    The service is up since 2000 and serves about 200K eBay users. Currently, it does about 140K snipes per week.
    As I mentioned before, all communications are done using secured https connection, and your login information will be automatically erased when you stop using it after awhile.
    If you still not sure about trusting it, you can always create a brand new eBay account for sniping purposes only. It will not have any financial information so you are safe.

    Q: I think I'll try it. How can I get it for free?
    A: That's easy. I run a special promotion until December 19th (or 50 promo codes) so you can get your own copy for free: (I think you have to open this link using your Touchpad to get a proper credit).

    Q: Is sniping legal?
    A: Yes, sniping is legal according to eBay rules: every bid placed until auction ended is legit.

    Q: How to use it?
    A: That's simple:
    1. Login.
    2. Click "Add Item Number" if you have a specific item id, or click "Import Watching List" if you added an item in your watching list.
    3. After your item was added, click on "Active Items" and select the item.
    4. On the right pane tick "Activate Snipe" and set your snipe amount in "Maximum Bid", then click "Save".
    5. You are done. If you won (nobody bid higher), you will get it for the price just one increment higher than the previous bidder.

    P.S.: You must add the snipe when the auction has at least 3-4 minutes to go.

    Please feel free to post any questions, comments, suggestions here and I'll do my best to answer.
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    got my copy. I use Gixen to snipe ebay auction on my laptop. Will try this one if I'm gonna place a bid. Thanks for the promo code.
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    thanks for the code.

    will try it this week, and leave a review

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