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    Honestly I canceled my Pandora subscription over lack of a Touchpad app, now I subscribe to Both are the same price at $3.00 per month, plus actually updates their Touchpad app, the last update was 2 days ago, and they have an app for my Moto Droid and for my Xbox 360. Now with one subscription I can listen on 3 devices, my TV, phone and tablet!

    Who needs Pandora anymore? Not me.
    If they added notification area controls I would agree. However, they don't have them & that's an issue for me. Also, After 3 or 4 songs I notice that music stops playing, like going into sleep mode. If I advance the track, it plays right away & does so for 3 or 4 more songs.

    In many ways I prefer, but the app needs a couple of things for me to make it my primary player. Fullscreen to me is secondary to having the notification controls, as a large part of my TouchPad time is in exhibition at my desk. I like to have a lot of different apps running with their notification controls a click away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steffej3 View Post
    It's a secret to everybody!

    Yes, this would be a concern of mine. There is a post in the forums that gives a partial fix to stretching the app & fitting the screen. It's not simple enough that everyday users would implement it, but if there was a way to enact it as a patch, that would be even better. Unfortunately, I think there are certain restrictions on that type of patching & linking to patches like that. What do I know though, hah.

    Huge fan of no ads though & if they ever took away the notification bar controls, I'd cry.

    Still, a fine letter, and I'd be appreciative if it worked in our favor.
    if its not too hard, i wanted to ask what forum post shows how you may stretch out the pandora app on TP ?
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    This thread has most of the info about patching apps to run full size on the Touchpad:

    There was a Pandora fix but it got pulled because it was an ipk and not a patch. I don't think a patch has been uploaded.
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    I wish you the best. As a diehard ad-free radio/Shoutcast fan, I have never used Pandora, and don't ever plan to (for a number of reasons). But I support any development for WebOS
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