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    Use three panes, twitter and you tube in two then I switch ans rss feeder and a browser for the third.
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    What is there not to do with Glimpse. Glimpse exhibition rocks. I watch full episodes of shows my wife doesn't like while keeping up with awesome webOS twitter community, while checking news, while glimpsing quickly at tomorrow's weather, while check the hits on my son's webOSbaby Youtube Channel videos, while.... WHATEVER MY MIND DECIDES IT WANTS TO DO!
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    i use Glimpse in X-mode every day with RSS and double Twitter on my touchpad
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    I use Glimpse with 2 panes. Usually :
    - Twitter on the left one
    - Advanced Browser on the right one.

    Yes, I mainly use Glimpse as a *super* twitter client, keeping me informed with Twitter, and still reading tweets when links are loading on advanced browser. Ocasionally I also use Google Reader (same way as Twitter).

    Thanks a lot for this fantastic app
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    Usually two panes (twitter/stocks/RSS + browser) and news ticker. Love being able to open links in the browser without losing the twitter view.
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    Weather top left, Technology RSS bottom left, Twitter right.
    I also like exhibition.

    Thanks for true multitasking app on TouchPad.
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    I mostly use the twitter, weather and clock widgets, but am hoping to get Advanced Browser soon which I'll try out as well.
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    I use YouTube on the upper left, Read it Later on the bottom left and the web browser for the main panel.

    P.S. Nov 23 is my birthday. Wink wink. Lol
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    I use Glimpse to keep an eye on the weather and scan RSS feeds while I play with Twitter. Glimpse is awesomesauce!
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    Yay! I love Glimpse. Use it daily as my main portal to check stuff out from

    Great job & thanks for supporting webOS!
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    Glimpse is a main program for me and have it up almost all the time. Two panes usually; left pane is always my twitter feed and the right pane alternates between my RSS feed, stocks and the browser with Goggle+ loaded.

    I keep it running next to my home office PC.

    BTW, I'd love to see Google+ worked into Glimpse.
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    Glimpse is the app I use most on my Touchpad! I usually have advanced browser with twitter on the side.
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    I use it mostly during live podcasts to check twitter and the live feed.
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    Twitter, browser and news.
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    I use it for Pandora and Twitter.
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    Mainly I use calculator, Twitter und Web, great app, thank you.
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    Big fan of Glimpse. I run the dev cut...typically have the stocks (small window), twitter window for my webOS Meetup account (small), my primary twitter account (medium), aniWeather (small), and Pandora (small).

    I also disable the bars...which really doesn't matter b/c aniWeather glitches that anyway.

    Exhibition mode rocks too!
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    News & weather, tweets, and music. All at once. Truly a power user's app. One look, one listen, one glimpse is all it takes. Thanks for validating the stronghold of webOS.

    Glimpse rocks!
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    Thanks for a great product! I have music playing in lower left pane, twitter on top left pane and web browser open in big pane.I switch up to the news feed instead of music at times as well but it is so easy to switch back and forth that is no problem!
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    I use Glimpse in 2 pane mode (small left column with Twitter, and main panel with Touchfeeds - yes, I'm using Developers cut). Also have a ticker going with weather.

    Main pane also switches over to Advance Browser when I click on a link in the Twitter feed.

    Glimpse, along with the email app, is ALWAYS running on my tp constantly.


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