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    I've had Glimpse for several weeks and houses it a Few times, it has perked smoothly A/And done all it is supposed to do... Thanks
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    I enjoy Glimpse immensely. I have both the Developer's Cut and the regular versions and am therefore able to get to many if my apps through just the use of Glimpse. The app is regularly updated and the fact that the developer is running this contest speaks for the investment he has in the WebOS community. Thanks.
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    I use Glimpse for:
    - Twitter
    - Google Reader
    - RSS Reader

    Saves a lot of time
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    Love multi-tasking in one card. The added dev version is fun. Thanks for a great app!
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    I use Glimpse to multitask, plain and simple. Twitter feed, yahoo news, and yahoo finance.
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    I use glimpse as my main online feed consumption app. I pull up my subscriptions on google reader on the main window of glimpse and have my twitter feeds coming in on one of the smaller windows. The last window I keep rotating depending on what I'm doing at the moment.

    Great app and definitely nice way to get everything I'm doing in one card
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    Left Pane: (Top) Weather & (Bottom) RSS
    Middle Pane: Twitter
    Right Pane: Browser

    I usually have Glimpse running along side my laptop, makes my day much more productive! Thanks for making an awesome and useful app!
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    Glimpse on my touchpad goes something like this; twitter feed on the top left, yahoo news or sports on the bottom left and the browser on the big right pane. Probably the most useful app on the touchpad.
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    I use glimpse with four panes the two on the left for stocks and RSS feed and the middle for Twitter and the last for my advanced browser. I absolutely love it!! My touchpad wouldn't be as awesome if it wasn't for your work thanks!!
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    I use Glimpse with Weather and RSS feed on the left with Advanced Browser in the 'main' window.

    My 4 year old, who loves letters and numbers, runs with Notepad and Calculator on the left, and Doodle in the main area..who knew Glimpse was a great kids app?!?

    My only gripe is that Glimpse seems to occasionally forget my RSS, Stocks and Weather sets...and that when Doodle is expanded, you can't draw on the newly uncovered area.

    My wish list would be a larger font for the Calculator widget, and a MP3/Video/local drive picture widget.

    Love this app even as it is though.

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    I love this app! I use it for a clock, twitter, and advanced browser. Plus PIX too! One of those apps that stays on the bottom home screen launcher bar thingamajig!
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    I by default use Glimpse as a Google Reader viewer and also as a weather widget and task manager. It is great to be able to have such a multitude of information/utilities available to interchange and interact with.

    Thanks for all of the hard work.
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    I have both Spaz HD and Graphite, but the Glimpse Twitter widget tops both of them. (I do wish I could set it to display my lists, but then I could always watch those in browser widgets, couldn't I?) I also watch my RSS feeds, listen to, and run miscellaneous other stuff as needed.
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    Hey - I paid for mine, and I have used it. Thanks for giving me the possibility of options on my Touchpad!

    (Like having weather easily accessible!)
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    I use glimpse to browse the web, follow twitter, and keep up to date on all my RSS feeds!
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    Using Glimpse every day to check stocks. Using the calculator on the left, the note pad on top left and the main browser to check google finance

    Awesome !
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    I use glimpse for doing my banking accounts online. I have the calc going, the calendar and on the main screen my accounts. Works like a charm for balancing books. After balancing accounts I listen to podcast an cruise the web. When I go to bed I watch the weather and RSS feeds while the clock and calendar get my morning on the right track when I wake.

    Awesome App.
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    Well lets see I have Glimpse on my Touchpad, my mom and my daughters. Love it.

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    I use glimpse more than any other app. I don't even use a Twitter app, as I primarily just follow my interests. I don't need an RSS reader because I have glimpse. I also end up doing quite a bit of my browsing through glimpse, as I use the advanced browser widget for viewing all of my Twitter and RSS links. Couldn't live without it! Did I mention touchstone awesomeness!
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    Glimpse is just awesome!!
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