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    I tweet, i surf, i glimpse
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    I use Glimpse in Exhibition mode, with the TP sitting on my desk in the Touchstone dock. I have it showing a Picasa photo slide show in a browser window combined with news and weather in 3 panes.
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    Use the rss feed in one pane to watch precentral for news, use the twitter pane to watch firefall and webos internals, use the weather pane And the notes one as a todo list.
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    I use 2 panes like many other users. I use twitter and browser mainly. Great app by the way!
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    2 panes - web & twitter , but since I'm also using adv. browser it's more of a multiple taps +1 situation
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    1st column, weather and calendar
    2nd, Pandora
    3rd, web browser
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    I just love being able to browse the web and still see my Twitter feed without task-switching.
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    Three column! Thanks for a great app
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    I listen to pandora, while browsing and keeping up to date on my twitter feed. I also use p reader though it, so I can have it and the webbrowser available at the same time.
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    I primarily use glimpse in Exhibition Mode... I have the clock, the weather and my twitter account on the screen in Exhibition Mode. Thank you for the great app and this giveaway!
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    Count me in, I'm a legal user Even telling my friends to buy it...
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    I like the potential of Glimpse very much, but I must admit, I haven't been using it as much as I want to lately - I know, GASP! However, that will change soon enough because I was lucky enough to get a promo code for Advanced Browser and its integration with Glimpse is why I'm excited. Then it will be the perfect aggregate platform for information for me.

    I love all the mini-apps within Glimpse though.
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    I use it for RSS, tasks, twitter, and doodle with 5 panes.
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    Congrats on 20k. This app really surprised me when it came out. Such a great app. My three panes are Accuweather, RadioTime, and Advanced Browser.
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    I like to use it to listen to my favorite music on padora,while using google maps to look for places near me to visit, and to watch my favorite show, the game Of thrones on HBOGO, all at the same time!!!
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    Congratulations on 20,000 sales! That's a pretty epic milestone considering how reticent a lot of people will have been after the fire sales to spend on apps.

    I've generally been using Glimpse as a twitter client, really, but that's kind of died away lately, with the purchase of an iPhone, and now the release of the quite delightful Graphite app.

    However, to honour your achievement, I'll boot up Glimpse again and see how I like it for a bit of Advanced Browser + something else use and have another look at the Exhibition mode.
  17. #97 keep my twitter feed and Google Reader feed open side by side. Its the main thing I use it to keep up with.
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    First of all congrats, that is an epic number of sales for what is still a niche OS.

    I have been using glimpse since I got my TP in July, one of my favorite newer features is the ability to use Advanced browser in glimpse. Allowing me to keep my twitter feed up while viewing multiple web pages (great for sundays with fantasy football, and when viewing forums).

    The sad thing about glimpse to me is there are SOOOOO many features, I know I am not using it to the best of the apps ability . I have finally brought one of my TP touchstones to work, for the sole purpose of using glimpse in exhibition mode.

    Thanks again for an awesome app that highlights what is great about webOS!
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    3 panes

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    That's pretty awesome guys! That's more sales than most of my apps on Android!

    (Don't pick me. I don't have Glimpse.... yet )
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