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    Just got it, but already love it! I'm browsing, having shortcuts to the most important programs and Youtube on there to multitask. Also love the ticker to display the weather :-)
    Hope it'll be able to run Evernote in a widget soon :-)
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    I like Glimpse a lot. My standard use is with 3 panes: my Twitter feed and two RSS news feeds.
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    watching my twitter feed, keeping track of my stocks, while Surfing the internets. Of course, I also have the weather ticker running down below. Love my Glimpse.
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    I use glimpse a my TPs feed reader. I have the google reader on the left and advanced browser on the right. I love it. Glimpse also makes for a great all in one exhibition tool
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    I use Glimpse mostly for Twitter & to read articles from Google Reader. I usually use 2 panes, with Twitter on the left & Google reader on the right.

    Whenever there is a major tech event being live-blogged, I'll replace the Google Reader pane with the Browser, so I can follow the event & Tweet about it at the same time. Occasionally I'll add Pandora as a third pane in the top left if I feel like listening to music.
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    love Glimpse
    power user set up
    weather top left, notepad below
    Google Reader to right of weather, Shortcuts below
    web off to the right
    ticker running at bottom

    congrats to the # of downloads and thanks for the op
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    I use glimpse with 2 panels on the left for RSS feeds of precentral and webosroundup. The right I have the main area as a twitter account I setup to only follow webOS related tech news from webOS users and news sites. Its my home for webOS news! Love it!
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    I have weather in pane, web in large pane, and Twitter in the other. Have had this app for awhile and love it.
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    3 panes
    notepad calendar
    weather web
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    love the app, twitter, notepad, and browser on one card Is great. And the ticker for weather. Can't beat it. Thanks!1
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    Recently I've been using Glimpse to do research for a paper. Just have advance browser to the left and notes on the right. And admittedly twitter and stocks generally hidden to the far right.
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    It's my main Twitter client and I use it for RSS.
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    I use yahoo news, weather or stocks in left windows and browse in the main. I'm glad 20K has been paid for. At least webOS developers can hang on for a while longer while HP makes a decision. (or not)
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    I love Glimpse for allowing me to follow my Twitter and reader feeds while taking notes in meetings.
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    Glimpse is a very terrific versatile app. I've used it many different ways....five pane that included Notes, Yahoo RSS, Weather, Calendar, and Quick App Launcher (e-mail, internet, etc.) Now I regularly use the black four-pane ticker that includes Yahoo RSS, Stocks, Weather, and Calendar. At this moment, just a clock.

    Congrats on the 20k milestone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopgoat View Post
    Over the weekend, we crossed 20,000 downloads (legal downloads that is) for Glimpse. If you don't know what Glimpse is, check out for more info, videos and reviews.
    To celebrate this milestone, I'll be giving away $50 via paypal to 3 random users.
    To be eligible, just leave a comment below, describing how you use Glimpse.

    Now, here are the rules:
    1) Prizes would be given to actual Glimpse users (so, if you haven't purchased and used the app, don't even bother leaving a comment). I'll be doing a verification.
    2) Only one comment per user. Multiple comment users will be excluded.
    3) NO TROLLING. Please.
    4) On Wed, 11/23 8pm PST, I'll randomly pick 3 comments (using a random number generator). These 3 users will be getting $50 each via paypal. Winners will be contacted.

    *Keep in mind, when I say 20k downloads, I mean 20k individual app sales. So, it's not reflective of the actual number of users/downloads since you have some users with multiple devices (same profile), and some users that prefer to get their apps for free (aka pirates)
    I use Glimpse to watch my Ebay account, stocks and Slickdeals RSS feeds, all in one pane. Its one app I definitely use every day.
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    Thank you for this great app and this great opportunity!
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    If you are a true webOS user you must have every single app developed by Inglorious Apps. Glimpse is one of those apps that were meant to be made for the Touchpad. Only a true genius could have thought of it.
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    I use it most in exhibition mode with a combination of agenda, google reader, clocks, and Twitter. Awesome app.
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