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    i use essentially Glimpse with 2 panes. Twitter and Advance Browser. I sometimes Change one of the pane to check the weather before going flying In France...

    will check if I can make my FML HD app Glimpseable ;-)
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    Finances, banking and 401k with the calculator and a twitter feed to boot is one of the many uses.
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    Glimpse is the future!!

    I use glimpse with all the panes set with RSS feed, twitter, weather, calculator and web browser. The real definition of multitasking and connection. I am able to stay connected and also do some work.
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    I use Glimpse constantly.

    3 pane set up: 1 - Twitter, 2 - Google Reader, 3 - Web Browser (substituted with the Tasks or Notepad widget when I need them for work stuff)

    I like it even more with every update.

    I will also have to second Greg Mair's wonderful idea that if I'm chosen, send the money to WebOS Internals to help save us all from the impending WebOS apocalypse.
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    I use 3 panes, but i mainly use twitter and rss
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    2 vertical panels, 2x rss feeds on the left and twitter in the main panel on the right.

    Great bit of software
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    I use Glimpse to watch anime and chat about it at the same time :-)
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    like the possibility to use a various number of apps simultaneously - depending on actual mood or activity
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    I use Glimpse with 3 panes, browser in the large window, Twitter and RSS feeds in smaller windows.
    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    Glimpse is great. Would love to run Graphite and Communities as widgets.

    -- Sent from my HP TouchPad using Communities
    Dan Donovan
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopgoat View Post
    Over the weekend, we crossed 20,000 downloads (legal downloads that is) for Glimpse. If you don't know what Glimpse is, check out for more info, videos and reviews.
    To celebrate this milestone, I'll be giving away $50 via paypal to 3 random users.
    To be eligible, just leave a comment below, describing how you use Glimpse.

    Now, here are the rules:
    1) Prizes would be given to actual Glimpse users (so, if you haven't purchased and used the app, don't even bother leaving a comment). I'll be doing a verification.
    2) Only one comment per user. Multiple comment users will be excluded.
    3) NO TROLLING. Please.
    4) On Wed, 11/23 8pm PST, I'll randomly pick 3 comments (using a random number generator). These 3 users will be getting $50 each via paypal. Winners will be contacted.

    *Keep in mind, when I say 20k downloads, I mean 20k individual app sales. So, it's not reflective of the actual number of users/downloads since you have some users with multiple devices (same profile), and some users that prefer to get their apps for free (aka pirates)
    I don't even want the prize. I just stopped by to say thanks for developing for webOS and to encourage you to keep it up. I hope you're making money off this and that it's enough to make it all worthwhile. My glimpse uses 5 panes. Weather and calender on the left. Notes and stocks in the middle. RSS on the right.
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    I have it set for 5 panes. Got my stocks in the top left and weather just below that. In the middle I have my utilities I require most, tasks an converter. Then on the right I have Doodle.

    It is nice to be able to set up that much at one go.
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    Glimpse is one of my favorite app on the touchpad, I mainly use it for Twitter, RSS reader, and browse the web with advance browser. I use glimpse everyday, don't know what I'll do without, nothing come close to this app, also I'm posting this comment on my touchpad via glimpse while laying on my bed and outside is cloudy and raining.
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    I used Glimpse to time my wife's contractions...stopwatch and notepad panes worked great and I had twitter in the 3rd pane.
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    I use Glimpse with 5 panes - Twitter, a couple of RSS feeds, calendar and weather. I think it has a great Twitter client and the ticker is also very cool. I like how customizable it is. Thanks for a great app.
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    I use Glimpse for Twitter, RSS and browser. LOVE IT!!!
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    I use glimpse mainly for scanning multiple RSS feeds and twitter along with the builtin web widget
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    I use Glimpse as my Google Reader, to browse the internet and as my main Twitter app. Glimpse is amazing! I love how you can multitask without slowing down the TouchPad. With all this said, I hope this app never stops growing and improving.

    Keep the updates coming
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    I use Glimpse to web browse, check twitter feeds for my business, and check RSS feeds from my favorite blogs at the same time.

    Glimpse is an app that triples my productivity.
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    advanced browser, twitter & a calculator hand-in-hand: great!

    thanks for that app!!
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