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    I use glimpse as a web browser in the large box, a notepad in the top small window and tasks in the bottom small window.

    That way, if I see something I like, I can make notes - and it shows me tasks so I don't forget what I'm supposed to be doing.

    It's a good app.

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    I've been using Glimpse for reading Tweeter feeds + RSS of Day[9] shows. At the same time, I do it while browsing

    Now pick me please! lol
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    Web, Twitter and Pandora all at the same time! Awesome!
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    I'm using Glimpse with a browser on the right and a calculator on the left to watch over my bank account. This is the only app on the world to let me do it on the same screen !
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    I use glimpse to browse the web (especially fantasy football), twitter, and google reader. Fantastic app. I love exhibition mode!
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    I use 3 panes, but I change them around to suit my needs. That is the best feature!
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    Its simple, RSS, Twitter, and the web in one place on one screen on my TouchPad device. Well done.
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    Simultaneous news radio, news, Pandora, browser. Exhibition mode with clock/weather/calculator/etc. Still have a lot to learn on getting the most out of it.
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    I love glimpse. It lets me multitask without switching from app to app. I use the web browser as well as twitter, rss feeds, and youtube.
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    Depends on what I'm doing but most common setup is 2 Twitter feeds and YouTube going. Beyond that, various setups including Doodle to sketch out ideas with friends etc, Notepad plus converter and browser to research stuff.

    Congrats on the 20k btw!
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    I use Glimpse for Top 100 songs by year, Reboxed, Groupon, Calendar, Weather, and Stock information. It's wonderful!
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    Glimpse is the only app I use for Twitter. As a matter of fact, without Glimpse, I'd never even get on Twitter, it's that much of a game changer. I really love how I can open links in Advanced browser and keep scrolling through my feeds while waiting for pages to load, better still that I can open multiple tabs, so I don't lose my place! On top of it all, I just learned about this contest from my Twitter feed in Glimpse, opened the link in Glimpse's Advanced Browser pane, and just wrote this comment in that pane.
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    I use Glimpse (as I am right now) to check Twitter, Yahoo Top News (and Readitlater), and Advanced Browser. Love it!
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    This is my favorite TouchPad app. I use RSS, Twitter, Weather, and Advanced Browser all the time.
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    I use it extensively in exhibitions when I leave it on my lamp post beside my bed. Gives me a quick glimpse of Twitter, weather, news and browser access when necessary. Love it!
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    Its a great way to catch up with both Twitter and the weather.
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    I used Glimpse as my Twitter client and small panes for weather and shortcuts. Also just like everyone else I guess, Glimpse is always on in Exhibition. It's very handy.
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    Purchased Glimpse and kept my loaner tablet because of it. I use it for everything:
    Research: notes, browser, notes.
    casual: reader, twitter, browser

    exhibition: metal prices, news, twitter

    and of course, for running glimpse in glimpse just for kicks. :P
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    I use Glimpse as my primary Twitter app, along with a calendar and weather panes. I love the integration of Twitter and Advanced Browser.
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    count me in, but if I win please donate the money to internals.
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