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    I have been getting mime errors on some PDF downloads and figured it was a file extension issue but for thelife of me I can't figure out where the rename function is in Internalz Pro HD !!

    I touch and hold the file to bring up the menu of actions butthere is no rename

    could use a little help!

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    the last option, cannot remember the name, property? Then you can rename it.
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    When in internalz pro looking at the file, just touch the file and a window will open saying "info, open, copy, delete, etc". Touch info and you will see the file name at the top of the in another window. Touch this file name in the window and you can change the extension and or name of the file. Once done, then at the bottom it will ask are you sure you want to change the name of the file, say yes. Then the file, if valid will open when you select open in the window.

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