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    I can't see how to disconnect from my computer when using Splashtop, and I just end up closing the app. Is there a disconnect option? Thanks
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    same problem for me to, doesn't seem to be a back/close button.
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    I always just assumed you close the app. When monitoring my computer when running the app, closing it always ends the session on the computer. Do you need to keep the app open after a session?
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    On the computer, you can close the program. On my TP, I always swipe it off when I'm done.
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    I guess you might want to disconnect from one computer and log on to another. I always just restart the app and log on to a different computer, but it might be nice to go back to the splahtop desktop.
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    I saw this discussed somewhere else, and the splashtop staff said that the only way to end a session and return to the list of servers is to throw away the card and relaunch. I think their goal was to avoid more ui elements and keep everything simple.

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