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    anyone know what's changed in the new update today?
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    Wee, didn't notice that update. In fact, I ran the system update app, only to see the usual "your phone is up to date" message. After closing it and a while, a notification icon appeared in the bottom right corner, which offered me the update. I'm on 2.2.0 in my unlocked GSM Pre 3.

    I fail to see anything new, it still has the same minuscle useless menus. Everything seems to work fine, though. It took a while to start up, but that's because my location isn't available right now: I've diseabled Google in location service preferences, as I'd rather have pure GPS data only, when available.
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    anyone know what's changed in the new update today?
    I installed the update (via Settings => Software Manager) on my UK touchpad this morning and it did not cause any problems. I confess I did not make a mental note of all the features that existed before but I would certainly describe the app now as 'feature rich'. I particularly like the route finder and the scroll bar that appears at the bottom of the screen that allows you to step through each change in direction along the way.
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    Well I can say it still doesn't find ANY addresses in Poland, still you can't enter any Accented characters (SYM button does NOTHING), and it still finds only 50% of addresses in Sweden. Great travel map app, right!!!

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