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    Is zinio just a credit card theft scam?

    I log-in to zinio on the touchpad and purchase my first subscription. After it's purchased, I can't get anything to show.
    I signed off and tried signing back in and it does nothing. I can't even access the zinio website on my desktop.
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    nevermind, their site is down. Great timing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by omahawildcat View Post
    nevermind, their site is down. Great timing.
    I just had the same experience. I can't see my subscription on my Touchpad but I can get to it on my PC. So the site appears to be up now.

    Have you been able to view your subscription?

    Nevermind. After deleting some samples (old and new) I was able to view my subscriptions. Woohoo! Sweet. (Found this solution in another Zinio thread.)
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    Hey hi!!! I'm the Zinio CMO- everything ok now? Please let me know if it is not-
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    Quote Originally Posted by nogginelvis View Post
    Hey hi!!! I'm the Zinio CMO- everything ok now? Please let me know if it is not-
    The function of Zinio TP version is to simple, i cannot delete books from my library, so when will the updated version be available?
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    Yeah, I'd really love to be able to delete some of the items in my library. Any chance it will be added? I hope so. I have a lot of old Sporting News Daily magazines from years ago that are cluttering up the app.
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    As of right now, as you know, you can't delete anyhing from the app. You can however logon to your account through their website and delete items that way. Only takes a few minutes.
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    Unfortunately, that's only the 1st step: after removing from you're library on the zinio website, you'll still need to either use a file manager (Internalz, Gemini) on the TP or connect as USB to manually delete the files in the zinio (removing from the library doesn't actually delete the files. With a large number of active subscription (in my case) this is very tedious process...

    The two key features that are missing in the app are: 1) ability to directly remove/delete magazines from the app and 2) bookmarks

    I hope we'll see very soon an updated adding this and fixing the frequent crashing issues

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