Even if i have noticed that the developers of this app seem not to be actively engaged in the developmente of this app, i would like to poiny out 2 simples features (even if i am no developer i can say they would be really easy to implement) that would make this app perfect for my kind of usage:

1) When adding a fillup event the app requires me to add cost/litre and the liters that i have made. So the app itself will calculate the total cost. Well, usually i DO know the total cost (because i can see how much i am paying cash to the gas station) and i also do easly know the cost/litre (because it is displayed on signlas on the street before i reach the gas station). Usually i do not care about volume. The app, however need cost/litre and litres as inputs. I would like to be able to use cost/litre an total cost as inputs.

2) I would like to use the app just to record filling costs in an easy way. I don't really care about informations of the odometer and so on. For this kind of usage it would be nice if i could just de-activate the "odometer" field in the fillup event. Currently i am always setting this field to zero, but a dedicated option would be great.

I really hope that the developement for this app will not cease.
Best Regards!