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    Is there an app that will let me send a fax from the Touchpad to those neanderthal types that only accept things via snail mail or fax? I'd pay for a native app that would let me send things easily.

    Thanks in advance?
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    I see there's an app called "PamFax" with pretty solid reviews. Looks like there might be some minimal cost involved...
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    PamFax works great. I have it. The service costs money but you get 3 free pages to start with. I think every online faxing service will have a cost don't let that reflect on the app itself.
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    some efax services will also let you email an attachment that automatically routes it to the fax machine and sends it.
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    Thanks to all of you. I tried PamFax and it appeared to work fine. I'll find out on Monday if it actually went through.

    Appreciate the responses!
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    Sfax has just released some great mobile fax apps and has one for Web OS. Check out: Sfax Mobile Fax Apps
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    Has anyone tried one of the free web fax sites?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawmaker123 View Post
    Has anyone tried one of the free web fax sites?
    Just tried and I cant select a file.

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