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    I've developed a ffffound app for Touchpad. I need people to test it. I don't actually own a touchpad, so everything was done in the emulator.

    here's the dl link:
    , but it's probably not up yet.

    Here are some screens:

    Test it out for me and let me know if the formatting is weird or button positions.

    Touch the ffffound icon for a little treat.
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    I tried your link, but when I tried to download it from the app store it said download failed
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    also picking up a download failed, but bookmarked it for later checking
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    good news. I wrote an app for the phones too.

    How to use:

    - gesture area is used to go forward and backward in lists.

    - If you are at the bottom of a list, slide forward on the gesture area and it will give you new images, slide backwards on the gesture area to go back.

    - in full screen mode, tap and hold image to bring up toolbar.


    It works on all phones.

    I just sent it too the app store for review. I hope you all check it out when it's available.

    P.S. I don't know why the touchpad app won't download... I'm talking to HP about it, so hopefully it's resolved really soon.
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    Update: I have a new version of the touchpad app ready to go, but i'm I can't upload it for some reason.

    HP has some issues getting with there site.

    New Screen:

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    Here are some youtube clips of the phone UI:


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    big update coming as soon as HP get's there stuff together

    Checkout my blog for the latest on Ffffound!
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    This is excellent. I now access Ffffound via a SlideRSS feed, but your app looks really nice for exploring the site.
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    I just released an update for the HD version, so expect that soon.

    Here are some Ffffound! HD ui demos:

    Download original Here

    Download original Here

    These videos run at 2x speed for some reason... thanks Youtube
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    what does the app do?
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    it wraps this website:
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    I cant see the app in the app catalog on any of my devices (Pre-, Pre3, TP) :-(
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    Ffffound! for phones isn't available yet. It's in the approval process.

    The touchpad version should be working though. I just released an update.
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    Now you can follow a users ffffound account

    Add a user to your list

    Your user list

    these photos were taken on a pixi plus. Again, this app works for all webos phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMTesta View Post
    it wraps this website:
    I still do not get the purpose.
    I guess I am not hip enough
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    i just tried this on a touchpad and I see "up" in emulator is different then up on the touchpad.

    Update on the way!
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    Still not seeing it/them in the app catalog.
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    I just clicked on the link and it sent me to the catalog. I don't know why it's not working for you...
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    Yes, it opens app cat alright, but it says that is not a valid webos application... One more time :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMTesta View Post
    i just tried this on a touchpad and I see "up" in emulator is different then up on the touchpad.

    Update on the way!
    I definitely had this issue -- where I would be holding the touchpad in one orientation, click on an image to enlarge it, and it would do a 180. Very disconcerting to have to continually flip the TP around to view content. Does your update address this quirk?

    Aside from that, it's a very slick little app. Well done!
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