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    outstanding!! now maybe netflix will make the move to HTML5 and we can just login! Only makes sense.. why make apps for any or multiple specific platforms when you can just have web access w/ no extra labor to make and update apps.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have said pretty much the same thing. Why do we need apps for something we can get through a standard web browser? NetFlix doesn't offer an "app" for my desktop PC. I just log into the website and I can watch my movies online. Same with a lot of other so called "apps" .

    Some other will say "well the app allows me to use some of the hardware features on my device". I say whoppie do! Code that into the web site so if it recognizes your type of device it will allow those features. If it doesn't recognize your device it will give you the same basic functionality that you recieve on the desktop. The need for a seperate app is stupid and totally goes against the line of BS that Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Palm/HP gave us when they first introduced their OSes.
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    open webOS will apparently have Silverlight support built in. By that time, I doubt there will be anyone still using it. At the current time, I can't think of anyone who -is- using it now that all of Netflix's apps are basically HTML5 .. which basically means that they have no good reason for not porting to webOS other than either there not being enough users, or they are *****.
    I think the last part is right. They are just *****. They probably have some type of monetary agreement with the major platforms and HP hasn't paid the toll.
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