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    Some webOS users have been presented with a red screen when starting Smart Office.

    This is due to a failure to verify the application's licence with HP, when the device does not have Internet access. HP have informed Picsel that they intend to resolve the issue in webOS itself soon. Picsel will release an upgrade in the very near future.

    In the mean time, HP have informed Picsel that a manual work around is as follows:
    - Ensure wifi connectivity is on.
    - Start Smart Office, then throw away the card (close the app).
    - Then start the application again.

    If your TouchPad reboots, repeat the steps above.

    Thank you all for your patience.
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    Thanks. Which also means there is likely to be another iteration of WebOS soon.

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    I followed the instructions, but no joy. Still nothing but a red screen. My WiFi connection is active.

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    I feel the same. How annoying!
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    Fiiiuuuuuuu!!!!... I have my soul in my body again. When I see the red screen I though the worst...A VIRUS!!

    Thanks Pre|

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    This really annoyed me when I first got it was in an area with basically 0 wifi or cellnetworks for that matter and whenever I tried to use this I just got a giant red card. HP better fix this soon the touchpad is not an always connected device and should not be treated as such.
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