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    It doesn't play full screen. A large horizontal black bar above and below. The touchpad screen is already small compared to a pc, but then it is made smaller by the way the movie plays. Name of movie is "The Eagle". Is this a Roxionow formatting issue? Is this because of the length-width ratio of the touchpad?
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    The movie is widescreen - 16:9. Your TP is 4:3.

    It's simply different formats.
    One can either display the whole picture - leaving black bars on top of bottom (same happens when you look a widescreen movie on a non-widescreen TV).
    Or you can fit the height to the screen height - but then the the width doesn't fit. Either a bit on left and right has to be cut off - or it needs otherwise being messed with (drop a percentage of vertical lines according to one method or another).

    Some tablets have widescreen displays - but that can make them awkward to hold (less a prob for 7" tablets, more for 10") and they look a bit elongated.
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    I haven't purchased a movie for the TP, but is it possible the movie was in widescreen aspect ration (16:9)? If so, it would appear with black bars above and below as you describe.
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    unable to access the movie store. keep saying i need internet connection like w+f, if i have no internet connection how the hell i managed to reach other URL????

    cleared all my browser history, removed some free apps, removed some song albums, to free up space but to no avail?

    anyone has problem accessing this store as well?
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    yep, it has nothing to do with them doing a poor transfer of the movie- which was what they did with Pan & Scan when releasing movies to video b/c TV were typically 4:3 aspect ratio versus what they were shot in for the theaters. There are even wider aspect ratios than the 16:9, and for a while some tv makers even came out with Cinemascope, and I think Panasonic even came out with a TV that was the Cinerama aspect ratio.

    Here's a short YouTube clip about it :
    & website with some added basic info about the ratios: WideScreen TV Information

    Watch a side by side movie transfer of 16:9 and the Pan & Scan they used to use to fill in those black bars (essentially cutting a large portion of the frame to do so) and see how even more annoying it is when you're aware of how they have hacked up the actually film to make it "fit". I promise you the black bars will be of little concern if forced to chose between the 2 once you know.

    By the way, I thought The Eagle was awesome and hope you enjoyed it! Totally reminded me that I watched it this summer and was gonna pick up a copy to send to my dad check it out because I think he'd love it!

    Sorry you're disappointed, but I hope you can manage.
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    Just to show you for example on how it can really change the entire look and feel of a movie:

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    I have watched Gone With The Wind from HP Moviestore in 4 X 6 on the 6 X 8 TP screen and I have watched the same movie that I got by converting a .mkv to .avi that fills the TP screen and I vote for .avi by a mile. HP does not allow you to change the screen dimensions in any way - it sucks as is.

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