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    Is there any sort of file manager for webOS with root access (like Internalz) but runs on your PC, similar to when you connect the USB cable and map a drive letter? Basically I want to be able to edit, copy, move, rename files on my TP using my PC but I need full access from "/" on down, not just "/media". I don't care if it requires a cable to the PC or not. I can do what I need to do with Internalz but it is just too cumbersome to do what I want.
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    Have you looked into using OpenSSH and Filezilla?
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    Download the SDK. It includes the Java-based Nova-Browser, which gives you access to the file system beyond media/internal. The downside is it can only move one file at a time in either direction. It's not the best file browser ever, but it works.
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    Thank you both for your suggestions. Unfortunately neither are quite what I need, although the Nova-Browser option is close.

    I guess the best way to put it, is that I need Windows to have direct access to the files on the phone the way it does when mapping a drive letter via USB sharing. My goal is to be able to open icons directly from the phone into Photoshop, make changes and when I save in Photoshop the icon is saved directly to the phone.

    What I am having to do now, is manually copy the icon to the /media/downloads folder using Internalz, then connect to the computer via, USB, then edit/save the file, then disconnect the USB, and finally manually move the file back to it's original position. This is a MAJOR pain the the rectum when you need to do this to many files.

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