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    Details on the app promo codes for Green Eggs and Ham:

    Supplies are limited, and the promo codes expi8kre at 10:59 PM on November 9, 2011 (or until the inventory is gone). If you already have a promo code on your account, you may want to use that up before applying a new code.

    Here are the codes you'll need in each country where this promo is available:

    US: vtgsh56264rbsmn

    UK: rvxoo25755lrbyz

    Canada: ujlgm11765jmpfh

    Germany: btmss86247nhzpi

    Ireland: daffw96627inooh
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    Oh well. Took to the kids to the museum, and we had a blast. Better than sitting around waiting for promo codes.
    "In the end, everything is fine; if it is not fine, it is not the end." -- Unknown
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post : Newsletter Signup

    Use your palm profile email to login on the right side & update the newsletter settings

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    Funny, that signup screen won't let me tell it I've got a Pre3 (which is technically my most recent webOS device!) So I just picked TouchPad.
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    y'know with the last two newsletters containing promo codes, i've been fortunate enough to see the mail actually arrive in my inbox. But, it always seems that the codes (the US ones anyways) have already expired.... Like even within 30 sec of trying to get it installed on my TP. Anyone else have actual success using these codes?
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    Codes worked for me. These codes are posted in Slickdeals and lasts maximum of 15 minutes. Watch out on 2PM CST on precentral & SD. You might have luck.
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