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    If you have Preware installed on your Touchpad, and you associated IPK files to be installed automatically by Preware, there is a mirror of the IPK linked to from my GVoice blog (click the link in my signature, click blog, it should be the first post there as of the moment that I'm writing this), and then click the link to download the IPK. That should auto start Preware and give you the option to install it.

    If you don't have Preware installed, start with researching that.

    I'd just provide the link, but I thought Rmausser would do that after I gave it to him in PM .. And this will teach you how to get there

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    The link on your blog is dead. Any chance of it coming back? And if not, does anyone know of another source? Thanks.
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    Sure about that? It loads right up here for me .. I do note that the link is not apparently active on the TouchPad browser, but I can copy/paste it from that page into the browser, and it loads right up. I need to examine just what the he'll is going on with the TouchPad browser that http things aren't getting turned into links here.. Very strange.

    It should also still be attached to the first message in this post. I just supplied the link so people don't have to download it to their PC and unzip it and send it to their touchpad.

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